Complete Pair of Glasses Packages

We strive to create ways to pass savings along to our patients. We are therefore pleased to offer several special price packages for complete pairs of glasses. When you select a frame from a special grouping of approximately 100 styles, you may purchase a complete pair of glasses for a discounted price.

Single vision lenses(polycarbonate/impact resistant) and frame for $99.00

Bifocal (D28) lenses (polycarbonate/impact resistant) and frame for $120.00

Progressive ("noline") multifocal lenses (cr39) and frame for $150.00

We also offer a special price package for single vision polycarbonate lenses with an antireflective coating and frame for a total price of $125.00

There is a limited prescription range for these packages.

These special price packages cannot be combined with any other discounts or insurance benefits.

50% off 2nd Pair of Glasses

When you purchase a 2nd complete pair of glasses on the same day as the 1st complete pair of glasses, our office will apply a 50% discount to the lesser pair.

This discount may not be used in addition to any other discount or insurance benefit.

***Please keep in mind that we offer complimentary adjustments to your frame for life. We also warranty most frames if broken due to manufacturer’s defect.


50% off 2nd Frame


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