Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We stock over 5,000 soft contact lenses for same day service.

Daily Disposables, Monthly Disposables, Two Week Disposables, Extended Wear Lenses, Colored Disposable Contact Lenses, Astigmatism Contact Lenses, Bifocal Contact Lenses. If your exact contact lenses product is not in stock to take home the same day, we will provide you with trial contact lenses in your prescription to hold you over.

Here are 10 reasons to purchase your contact lenses from us:

  1. You are guaranteed to get the correct lenses in the correct parameters.
  2. You are guaranteed to get unexpired lenses.
  3. If your lenses are not performing properly you donft have to worry about exchanging your old lenses.
  4. You can exchange unopened, unexpired, unmarked boxes in new condition at your yearly eye exam.
  5. If you have a defective lens, we will replace it free of charge.
  6. We have the latest manufacturerfs rebates available to save you money
  7. Competitive pricing (Donft just assume because we offer the best service our prices are higher).
  8. FREE shipping.
  9. You will be getting the lenses from an authorized distributor of the brand you wear.
  10. You will have the satisfaction of supporting a local business that cares about you and your eye.

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