VIsion After 40

After age forty, your visual system goes through a normal physiological change whereby it becomes increasingly difficult to read at near.  You may notice your eyes fatigue more quickly at the computer, that you are holding small print further away in order to be able to focus on it, or that you are getting more frequent headaches in the forehead area and around the eyes.  We are happy to help alleviate your symptoms and to restore your visual function with customized solutions for your specific visual requirements. 

Our doctors will determine what prescription is suitable for your eyes and help guide you to the best lens options for your needs whether it’s in multifocal contact lenses or progressive spectacle lenses.  Our opticians will demonstrate the benefits of various lens materials and coatings to optimize your visual performance at distance and near.

50% off 2nd Pair of Glasses

When you purchase a 2nd complete pair of glasses on the same day as the 1st complete pair of glasses, our office will apply a 50% discount to the lesser pair.

This discount may not be used in addition to any other discount or insurance benefit.

***Please keep in mind that we offer complimentary adjustments to your frame for life. We also warranty most frames if broken due to manufacturer’s defect.

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  • "Very friendly and courteous personel. Doctor took the time to explain every thing that was done in a very professional manner."
    Petra R. Los Angeles, CA

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